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23rd-Nov-2005 12:08 pm
So I am at a very small college. Less than 700 people, and all women. Anyway, we have a great chapter. Last yere we were Supior Merit, and we've gotten a merit award for something like 4 or 5 years before that. Also, last year we won the NC HR Games, so we do really well to be so small. But today I am especially proud of us. It is so hard to raise money here. No one seems to want to donate to anything, but we do a great job emptying peoples' pockets. *lol* We are having an amazing raffle right now. 50 cents/ ticket, and we have over $500 worth of prizes. So yesterday we say outside, in the freezing cold, for just under 3 hours, and we raised over $100! Most people had already left for TG, so we saw maybe 100 people. Anyway, the fact that we got such a great response in such a short period of time was Great! I'm so proud of my ladies, and I think they should be proud of themselves, too! We have fantastic officers. I just think the world of them.

So, just to sell myself a little bit here....
we have over $200 in gift certificates,
Several items from Bath and Body Works,
Several items from The Body Shop,
Lots of candels,
Christmas China,
Peace Collge stuff including a camp chair, a blanket, and a pillow,
A very nice diploma frame,
And so much more!
If you'd like to buy a ticket (only 50 cents!), I'll ship what ever you win via UPS.

If you don't want a ticket, wish us luck, We're trying to save money to go to DC to see Colin Powell!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Joyce Prevette
President PC SHRM
23rd-Nov-2005 11:03 pm (UTC)
Yay for you, Joy! I am SO excited about DC and seeing Colin Powell.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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