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Friends and Members of SHRM
We had our first meeting of the quarter last night. Our speaker… 
4th-Oct-2005 07:48 am
Sniffing Coke
We had our first meeting of the quarter last night. Our speaker didn't show up. Apparently, all this time he thought he was supposed to go to the Edmonds campus. Did he not think to clarify the directions? Did our VP of Programs not make it clear that he was coming to Ellensburg??? *grumble grumble*

I am struggling with wanting to make this year outstanding, and trying NOT to do everyone's job for them. Since I am older and more experienced, I just assume that people will listen to me. (They should, darn it!) So, at our next exec meeting, we will go over what went wrong and how this person could have gotten the wrong idea. I am all about the forms, so maybe I will suggest making up a "form letter" (personalized, of course) to send to our speakers to follow up after they have accepted our request to speak.

The meeting turned out OK. We had pizza, which was planned already. We ad lib'd, introducing all of the officers, I talked about the Merit Book, the other officers talked about what they do and why they joined SHRM, then we just did a Q&A thing. The good news is that we actually ran out of national membership applications!

Kristine Foreman
Vice President of Merit
SHRM, CWU Student Chapter
4th-Oct-2005 06:51 pm (UTC)
I totally understand your frustration. Our big concert was Sunday night, and very few people showed up. Our publicity chair was not on the ball on this one. It was totally embarassing. We had 5 great bands, and very little support. But trust me, the more you take on to ensure that it's correct, the more things in your life that will be neglected. I'm sorry it didn't go as planned, but it's awesome that so many people are interested in national membership.
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